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We appreciate that in the process of caring for your students, our quality musical instruments are going to be used in various ways. If you would like your School or Organization to feature on this website, please do let us know. Over the coming months we will be adding your experiences to the website. We hope you will read these to see how you may benefit from examples and also to contribute yourself. Supporting video (links, on CD or memory stick) or photographs are welcome. Please contact us for more information on how you might become involved. contact us.


Alphabet Chimes video


textJunior Winners

Alphabet ChimesRicky Matson demonstrates how the use of simple images turns learning the basics of music into a fun game. In this excerpt we see a small group of children playing individual notes and chords using Suzuki Hand Chimes. more   Harp_AcademyHarp Academy Students Ella and Matthew won the Junior duo section at the 2013 NHL on their Suzuki Airwave harmonicas. They learn harmonica at their Primary School in Sussex through Brighton’s Harp Academy. more

Chromatics for MFY video


Video Tuition video

Deckchair DreamingSarah Watts demonstrates how she makes great use of Suzuki Chromatic Harmonicas in her specially composed piece entitled "Deckchair Dreaming" as part of the Jigsaw Jam for Music For Youth more   Beata KossowskaBeata Kossowska is one of the worlds leading female Blues Harmonica Players. In addition she has written her own tuition book and teachers harmonica. Using her favourite Suzuki Harmonica, the HA-20 (Hammond Harp) and Airwave, Beata is working on the production of a video tutorial. more

The Right Backing   video


Harpscool Adopts Airwave video

Tomlin LeckieTomlin Leckie teaches diatonic harmonica to both groups and individuals in Edingburgh (as well as online). He has recorded a number of backing tracks for his pupils to help them with improvisation more   Ben HewlettBen Hewlett at Harpscool places the first order of 500 Suzuki Airwave Harmonicas for use across his UK network of Harmonica teaching Facilities. Mr. Hewlett says the Airwave looks Cool and is easy for children to play due to the unique design and hole placement. more