Tuning Fork
Tuning ForkKey: C (A=440hz)
Length: 110mm
Accessories: Blue Plastic Wallet

A small, handy, pocket sized tuning fork complete with plastic wallet for protection. When struck it produces a C tone.

Pitch Pipes
Pitch PipesNotes: E, B, G, D, A, E (A=440 Hz)
Size (In Case): 70mm x 53mm x 19mm
Accessories: Red Plastic Case

Perfect for tuning acoustic or electronic instruments. It does not require batteries, simply blow through the required 'pipe' and the internal reed will play the correct pitch.

Key Ring HarmonicaKey Ring harmonica
Key Ring Harmonica (K1200)
Holes: 4 (8 playable notes) in C
Size (harmonica): 40mm x 15mm x 12mm
Retail packaged.

Always losing your keys? If you are a Harmonica player they will never be far away with this handy 4 hole, 8 note musical instrument in the key of C. Made In Japan

Necklace Coin Harmonica
Necklace HarmonicaHoles: 4 (8 playable notes) in C
Size: 40mm x 15mm x 12mm
Chain Length: 43cm (approx.)
Retail packaged

A really nicely made traditional 4 hole harmonica with red plastic combe, brass reed plates and chrome plated cover plates. It is in the Key of C and has 8 playable notes. The chain is gold coloured with spring clasp.  

Bird Call
Bird CallBird Call
Size: 84mm x 20mmx 20mm
Accessories: Dry Lubricant.
Retail Packaged

This ingenious little device sounds just like a tweeting bird! An interesting addition to your percussion ensemble or just to confuse local ornithologists. You can control pitch (to a small degree); relaxing pressure will result in lower tones, applying more pressure produces higher tones. Beautifully Japanese made device in solid wood and brass, supplied with a small bag of dry lubricant (powder).