Suzuki SE-200 Classroom/Stage Piano



Advanced "Grande Réponse" Balanced Hammer Action
Suzuki's Advanced Grande Réponse Balanced Hammer Action Keyboard accurately recreates the feel of an acoustic grand piano. For realism it uses a new hammer action that lets you feel the hammers and cushions as you play. 
Dynamic Imaging Sound Source
A powerful sound engine and Dynamic imaging Sound synthesis provide amazingly detailed, rich sound. Each instrument sound has been carefully sampled and contains more memory than ever, so you hear more of the characteristics of each – including the player’s natural vibrato.
Explosive Sound System
With 30 watts of power the sound delivery system creates a powerful, crisp and realistic three-dimensional sound to ensure its concert hall sound reproduction.

Truly Portable Piano

The Suzuki SE-200 is a truly Portable Grand Piano with a total weight under 20 kilos! Suzuki's Advanced Grande Réponse Balanced Hammer Action Keyboard has been carefully designed so as not to compromise the feel of a traditional Acoustic Grand Piano in anyway and yet the whole Piano weighs less than most portable keyboards with a standard weighted action! This is a great achievement that you will appreciate from the first moment you pick it up. 

Contemporary Design

Modern and traditional materials combine to produce an instrument that will look great wherever it is located! 

On Board Style Arranger and User 

A feature normally found in high priced arranger keyboards, the SE-200 allows you to create your own styles on board the instrument!

A world of music at your fingertips

Make use of the millions of commercially available MIDI songs and backing tracks available through the built in SD card reader. Simply transfer *.mid music files to a standard SD card and insert into the card reader for playback. Organize your music in folders or albums. A 1gb card will allow you to store hundreds of songs.

Good Connections

USB Midi Host and standard MIDI ports are fitted for use with most laptops, computers, sequencers and sound modules.

  • Keyboard 88 Key, Advanced Grande Réponse Balanced Graded Hammer Action, Velocity Sensitive
    Sound Source New True 3D and Stereo Deluxe Instrument Samples
    Polyphony 64 Note Polyphony
    Preset Tones 559
    Function Power Switch, Volume, Album/Song, Style, Dual, O.T.S. demo, Touch, Dial, Tempo, Accompaniment Volume, Split/ Lower Voice, metronome, Bank Store, memory 1-6, Grand Piano, Function +/Next, Function -/Back, Mixer, Sustain, Portamento/Modulation, A.B.C/Melody Off, Disk, Save, utility. One Touch Setting, Transpose, Dual, DSP, Record/Playback.
    Rhythm Styles 203 styles including 3 user styles.
    Accompaniment Controls Start/Stop, Sync Start, Sync Stop, Intro/Ending. Fill-in A & B, fade
    Touch Control Soft, Normal, Hard, Fixed
    Songs Song Library (100 songs) with learning mode. 2 demo songs
    Panel memory 48 User Memory Storage
    Power Output 4 ohm, 15Wx25cmx2 (30W total)
    Recorder 5 Track Sequencer (4 melody, 1 accompaniment)
    Pedals Sustain
    Connections DC 12V, Headphone Jack, Audio In (L & R), Audio Out (L & R/Mono), Sustain, MIDI In/Out, USB Port, Secure Digital Card Reader.
    Display Multi Function LCD
    Finish Beach effect/Silver-Grey
    Dimensions 1360 (W) x 370 (D) x 143 (H) mm
    Weight 19.5kg