Suzuki Hand Percussion

Suzuki Finger CymbalsFinger cymbals SFC-40

Remarks 1 set of 4 pieces
Material Brass + chrome plating
Dimension f53mm
Weight 85g (4 pieces)

Suzuki Loop BellLoop Bell


Material: wooden grip
Five Bells
Dimensions: 170 × 100 × 30mm
Weight: 156g

Suzuki Sleigh BellSleigh Bell


25 Bells
Material: wooden handle
Dimensions: 105 × 105 × 330mm
Weight: 810g

Suzuki GuiroGuiro


Remarks: fish type
Dimensions: f57 × 410mm
Weight: 281g

Suzuki maracasMaracas


Remarks: Scene on body
Material: Wood
Dimensions: F100 × 340mm
Weight: 356g


Suzuki Wood BlockWood block SW-110


Material: Wood (round)
Dimensions: 192 × 47 × 183mm
Weight: 202g
Accessories: Dabo (SP-150)

Suzuki Wood BlockWood block


Material: Wood (Square)
Dimensions: 180 × 65 × 42mm
Weight: 165g
Accessories: Dabo (SP-150)


Suzuki ClavesClaves SRC-121


Material: Karin wood Round (small)
Dimensions: F23 × 200mm
Weight: 179g

Suzuki ClavesClaves SRC-123


Material: Rosewood Round (large)
Dimensions: F25 × 200mm
Weight: 200g



Product ID Description RRP
STB-25 10'' (25cm) Tunable, plastic head with mallet 39.99
STB-30 12'' (30cm) Tunable, plastic head with mallet 49.99
STB-35 14" (36cm) Tunable, plastic head with mallet 49.99
STB-40 16" (40 cm) Tunable, plasic head with mallet 49.99
Pitch Pipes

T-143 Guitar Pitch Pipe 6.99
T-171 Chromatic Pitch Pipe 17.99
Tuning Fork T-C In C 6.59

STR-15 6" (15cm) Riveted, with calf-skin head 34.99
STR-18 7" (18cm) Riveted, with calf skin head 39.99
STR-21 8'' (21 cm) Riveted, calf skin head 42.99
STR-24 9" (24cm) Riveted, calf skin head 45.99
STR-25 10" (25cm) Tunable, plastic head 55.99
STR-30 12'' (30cm) Tunable, plastic head 59.99
STM-25 10'' (25cm) Headless, 9 pairs jingles 35.99
STM-25W 10'' (25cm) Headless, 18 pairs jingles 39.99

SC-101 With handle (plastic) 8.99
SC100W Red/blue colour combination (wood) 3.99
SC-200 Pink and green colour (plastic) 4.99

SRC-121 (pairs) 200mm x 23mm (200g) round shape. 14.95
SRC-122 (pairs) 180mm x 23mm (240g) square shape 14.95
Wood Blocks

SW-110 192 x 47 x 183mm (202g) Tubular shape 15.99
SW-111 180 x 65 x 42mm (165g) Square shape 18.49

ST-10 4" (10cm) complete with bag and striker 19.79
ST-15 6" (15cm) complete with bag and striker 21.99
ST-18 7" (18cm) complete with bag and striker 28.59
ST-21 8½" (21cm) complete with bag and striker 30.79
ST-24 9½" (24cm) complete with bag and striker 32.99
MT-15 Multiple Triangle 6'' (15cm) with stand and striker 219.99
Loop Bells BL-5 Wooden handle, with strap containing 5 bells 16.49
Sleigh Bells BL-25 49.99
Finger Cymbals SFC-40 Set containing 4 piece set. 53mm (85g) 14.99
Guiros 1117F 57 x 410mm (281g) 59.99

100NL Round Multi-coloured (large size) 39.99
100NS Round Multi-coloured (small size) 33.99