Suzuki Violin Outfits

The worlds most respected name in music education presents an exciting and prestigious collection of violins - all Made in Japan. Each model features a fully carved spruce top, fully carved maple back, neck, scroll and purfing. Fitted with an ebony fingerboard, nut and pegs

 Model: NS-20 Outfit
Consists of Suzuki violin (NS20) case (VC-1 or VC-3 as required) and bow (15a)

•Inlaid purfling
•Maple Neck and fully carved scroll
•Ebony pegs and fingerboard
•Wittner tailpiece with 4 string adjuster and Dogal strings
•Available in 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16 sizes
•Supplied with genuine SUZUKI Bow (model 15a)
•Complete with genuine SUZUKI case (model vc-1)
NS20 Violin Outfit
Model: VC-1
Genuine SUZUKI Violin case
Plush lined, cloth covered Hardshell Violin case with accessory compartment and twin bow holders
VC-1 Case
Model: VC-3
Violin 'Gig Case'
Modern, cloth covered Hard-shell Violin case with accessory compartment and twin bow holders
VC-3 Case
Model: 15A Violin Bow
The stick is fashioned using fine Cherry Wood with mother of Pearl effect inlays on the frog. Available in one eighth, quarter, half, three quarter and full sizes

15A Bow
15A Bow

Suzuki Violin & Accessory Prices  
Model RRP
NS-20 Violin (4 sizes available) £299.00
Model 15A Cherry Wood Violin Bow (4 sizes available) £55.00
VC-1 Case £25.00
Complete Outfit (NS-20 Violin, 15A Bow, VC-1 Case) £389.00