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Suzuki brings the excitement of handbell playing directly to your school, church or music group with our affordable Tonechimes which are precision crafted and perfectly tuned. Critically acclaimed around the globe, Suzuki handchimes are an ideal supplement to your own choir, or start and build on a new set. (listen to demo) Tonechimes

TonechimesFeature For Feature, Suzuki ToneChimes Are Your Best Choice. Careful consideration has been made to the features necessary to ensure your Tonechime experience rewarding and enjoyable. Our special lightweight alluminium alloy tubular bells have rounded tone chambers for easy handling. Striker mechanisms are adjustable for variable expression. And overtone tuning insures perfect harmonics.  
Start Off Small, Then Expand to 4 full Octaves - A Suzuki Exclusive! Suzuki ToneChime sets are designed for expandability. Begin with the HB-25, our 25 note, octave set. As your experience level increases, our HB-12A expands your original set to 3 octaves. Finally, our exclusive 4th octave add-on set, HB-12B completes your ToneChime collection. No other company offers this kind of versatility
TonechimesTonechimes Go Wherever You Do In Beautiful Protective Travel Cases As rugged as they are attractive, each ToneChime set (Models HB-25, HB-12A and HB-12B) comes complete with its own heavy duty padded travel case with handle. Each ToneChime fits snugly into its own individual labeled cutout. For storage or travel you can expect your ToneChimes to perform flawlessly year after year.

Audio Demo

You may need to 'allow blocked content' to listen to the Audio file, otherwise you can download the full version here: Download Tonechime Demo

ToneChimes Are Ringing Bells In Education!

Ringing BookNow, for the first time ever, all the beauty and inspiration of handbell playing, can be brought to your students and listening audiences through our uniquely designed Suzuki ToneChime Method Book Series. This step by step approach shows you exactly how its done, even if you have never taught playing before.
For a further, and more in depth look at the methods and benefits of ToneChimes and their therapeutic use in specialist care centres, we recommend Kristine Theurer's excellent publication "The Bells are Ringing!"
Note Layout Chart

Tonechime Note Layout Chart


  • 2 Octave Chromatic Set
  • 25 Notes G4~G6(g1~g3)
  • complete with Case (89x8x37cm, 8.2kg)
  • for reference C5=middle C



  • Suzuki Tonechimes HB-12a3rd Octave Add-on set
  • 12 Notes C4~F#4 •G#6~C7 (c1~f#1•g#3~c4)
  • w/ Heavy Duty Travel Case
  • for reference C5=middle C



  • Suzuki Tonechimes HB-12b4th Octave Add-on set
  • 12 Notes G3~B3 • C#7~G7 (g~b • c#4~g4)
  • w/ Heavy Duty Travel Case
  • for reference C5=middle C


  • Suzuki Tonechimes HB-7c5th Lower Octave Add-on set
  • 7 Notes C3~F#3 (c~f#)
  • w/ Heavy Duty Travel Case
  • for reference C5=middle C


  • Suzuki Tonechimes HB-10
  • 10 Notes Diatonic Sett
  • C6~C7w/F6#•BC6~C7w/F6#•B6b
  • (C3#C4w/F#3•Bb3)
  • w/ travel case
  • for reference C5=middle C


  • Suzuki Tonechimes HB-1616 Notes Diatonic Set
  • A4~F6 w/B4b•F5#•B5b
  • (a1~f3 w/bb1•f#2•bb2)
  • w/ travel case
  • for reference C5=middle C


HB-3 / HB-3c

  • Suzuki Tonechimes HB-3c3 Notes Bass Bar Set
  • C3 • F3 • G3
  • C4 • F4 • G4
  • for reference C5=middle C 


Music Table (44.89cm) 

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